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Pamela H Ross
Ph.D. - Biochemistry 1982
City University of New York
Plum Island Animal Disease Center*

M.Phil. Immunochemistry Microbiology 1980
City University of New York
SUNY Downstate Medical Center*

M.A. - Microbiology - Electron Microscopy 1977
Lehman College CUNY
New York Botanical Gardens*

Post-Doctoral Training - Computer Science

*Research Institution

1500 Washington Street Apt. 8F
Hoboken NJ 07030
201-600-4258 (Voicemail)
Diagnostic Microbiologist, Downstate Medical Center
Research and Diagnostic Microbiologist, USDA, Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Director, Electron Microscopy, USDA, Plum Island Animal Disease Center.
Coordinator, Computer Information Service, GSA
Coordinator, Hazardous Materials Safety , GSA

1966-1997 United States Government Service

USDA-Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Microbiology (diagnostic)
Electron Microscopy
Biochemistry (research)

GSA -Engineering Division
Coordinator, Data Systems
Hazardous Materials Coordinator


1996-2003 CUNY City University of New York (BMCC)
Department of Science
Microbiology, Chemistry, Astronomy

1996-1997 Adelphi University - Garden City, NY
Department of Biology (Chairman Dr. Carol Diakow)
Microbiology (Majors and Nursing)
Graduate Immunology

1986-1987 California State University / Long Beach
Department of Microbiology
Associate Professor
Cooperative research agreement - USDA
Graduate Immunology

Scholarly and Creative Activity:

Award - GSA 1997 - Computer Systems Management
Award - Computerization USDA diagnostic laboratory on foreign animal diseases.
Cooperative agreement - USDA 1987/88 for joint research grant on biotechnology areas
Grant - Instructional development grant 1986/87 to introduce the production and use of monoclonal antibodies and the use of digital image processing systems.
Commendation - U.S. Army diagnostic microbiology and immunology

Society Membership:
Microbiology computer users' group (MCUG)
American Society for Microbiology
New York Society of Electron Microscopy

NYC Clinical Laboratory Supervisor

Doctoral Review Committee Member:
I have served as a microbiologist on the Ph.D. committee for Congran, R.J. - Veterinary Research Institute, Victoria, Australia

Graduate sponsor for Mrs. Sonia Northrop for a MS in
Microbiology Support funding included in grants.

Steven H. Wool
The characterization of FMDV RNA dependent RNA polymerase and its localization in infected cell culture and animal tissue.
A Dissertation for Ph.D. City University of New York. 1982 Dept. of Biochemistry

Publications written from the Ph.D. Dissertation
Co-Author: Dr. Jerome Polatnick
Sponsor at The Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

Characterization of a 70s polyuridylic acid polymerase isolated from FMDV-infected cells. Journal of Virology 1981 40:3 881-889.

Localization of Foot-and-Mouth Disease - RNA synthesis on newly formed cellular smooth membranous vacuoles. Archives of Virology 1982 72:207-215.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus-Induced RNA Polymerase Is Associated with Golgi Apparatus. Journal of Virology 1985 56:2 617-619.

Wool S.H., Polatnick J., Bachrach H.L. Analysis of the mechanism of unfolding of FMDV RNA during heat and chemical denaturation. Ann. Proc. Electron Microscopy Soc. Amer. 1981 39:446-447.

Wool S.H., Polatnick J., Knudsen R.D. Ultrastructural changes and antigen localization in tissues from FMDV infected guinea pigs. Veterinary Microbiology 1982 7:391-400.

Wool S.H., Letchworth G.J., Whyard T.C. Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against African swine fever virus. Poster for electron microscopy touring exhibit. Electron Microscopy Society of America-1983.

Wool S.H., Held, A.A. (Masters research for M.A.) Polyphosphate Granules in Encysted Zoology of Rozella allomyces. Arch. Microbiol. 1976 108:145-148.

Wool S.H. Cryptococcal Polysaccharide - A Radio-immuno-assay Masters project for M.Phil. SUNY 1980.

Wool S.H., Soroka D.S., Yedloutschnig, R.J. Rapid Electron Microscopy Production Procedures and Immuno-electron Microscopy Techniques for the Rapid Identification of Foreign Animal Disease Viruses in a P3/P4 Bio-containment Laboratory. American Society of Microbiology - 1986 - two abstracts papers in prep. for Diagnostic Immunology by request.

Blackwell J.H. and Wool S.H. Vesicular exocytosis of foot-and mouth disease virus from mammary gland secretory epithelium of infected cows. Journal of General Virology 1981 56:207-212.

Blackwell J.H. and Wool S.H. Destruction and repair of mammary gland parenchyma of cows infected with foot-and-mouth disease. J. Comp. Path. 1986 96:227-234.

Knudsen R.C., Genovesi E.V., Whyard T.C. and Wool S.H. Cytopathogenic effect of African swine fever virus for pig monocytes:characterization and use in microassay. Veterinary Microbiology, 14(1987) 15-24

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Polatnick J. and Wool S.H. A novel structure seen when FMDV induced poly(u) polymerase acts in a cell free system. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 1982 80:363-366.

Polatnick J. and Wool S.H. Serological differentiation of FMDV on EM grids coated with protein a and antibody. Canadian Journal Comparative Medicine 1981 45:275-279.

Polatnick J. and Wool S.H. Correlation of Surface and Internal Ultrastructural Changes in Cells infected with Foot-and-mouth Disease Virus. Can. J. Comp. Med. 1983 47:4:440-4.

Sahu S.P., Dardiri A.H., Wool S.H. Observation of Rickettsia ruminantium in leukocytic cell cultures from heartwater infected animals. American Journal of Veterinary Research 1982 44:1093-1097.

Sahu S.P., Wool S.H., Breeze S.S. Observations on the morphology of contagious equine metritis bacterial colonies isolated from infected pony mares. American Journal of Veterinary Research 1981 43:5 796-800.

Whyard T.C., Wool S.H., Letchworth, G.J. Monoclonal Antibodies Against African Swine Fever Viral Antigens. Virology 1985 142:416-20.